Buffalo Young Preservationists BYP are keeping busy, working on multiple projects and initiatives in the preservation of Buffalo, NY and the greater Western New York region. These are some of the current projects and those under development that BYP works tirelessly towards preserving in 2013. BYP is always looking for enthusiastic partners to assist in the effort to advocate for the reuse of buildings that are financially viable for redevelopment. Contact us to learn how just a few hours of your time can make the difference in the life or demo of Buffalo’s cultural icons.

Active Campaigns

Saving 595 Fillmore Avenue 


The former Jankowski Cigar Shop, and one of the oldest surviving residences on Fillmore Avenue, is under immediate threat. Joseph Jankowski, owner of a cigar manufacturing shop since 1885, expanded to Fillmore Street in 1893 with the construction of this Eastlake influenced home, cigar shop, and rolling floor. It has been under threat of demolition for the last three years.

Help us evaluate the building, come up with a reuse plan, and find an owner for this historic gem.

Check out the Facebook Page for more updates and information on how to get involved:

The Wildroot Building


We are actively searching for additional information, pictures, advertisements and first hand accounts of workers from the Wildroot Factory in Buffalo. Additionally, we are looking for collaborators on adaptive reuse plans, public art displays incorporating the building, and skilled preservation professionals who can evaluate the building’s structural and historic integrity.

Check out the Facebook Page for more updates and information on how to get involved:

Former Campaigns


Trico Plant #1

  • Trico Plant #1 was placed on the National Register of Historic Places 10 Years Ago
  • Meets eight of the city’s nine criteria considered when deciding local landmark status
  • Modern “Daylight Factory” design exemplifies the historic, architectural, economic, and cultural heritage of Industrial Buffalo
  • Design was innovative and highly influential on American, German, French, and other modern architecture.
  • Local Landmark designation will protect and encourage reuse and rehabilitation of the building
  • Eligible for Historic Tax Credits, and redevelopment would create more jobs and cost less than construction of new buildings.
  • Check out for more information on what is going on with this building.

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