About BYP

Who We Are

The Buffalo Young Preservationists (BYP) are a large community of youthfully enthusiastic individuals from a wide cross section of disciplines. Members range from very active to issue or project based members. BYP members each have a role in the holistic effort of advocating for viable market solutions for the reuse of historic, architecturally and culturally significant buildings, structures, monuments, sites, spaces and places.

BYP works on a variety of scales ranging from residential structures at the street or block level to large industrial facilities with thousands of square feet in floor plate area. BYP is motivated by a love for Buffalo and its history, both bright and grim. We believe that our authentic and irreplicable historic built environment help tell our story and provide a unique sense of place that set us apart from every other city in the nation. Historic structures and adaptive reuse of older buildings for today’s needs are economically and environmentally sustainable choices that create community wealth, produce jobs and draw tourism dollars.

BYP boasts members including young professionals, university students, developers, engineers, historians, contractors, tradesman, educators, elected officials, graphic designs, artists, architects, marketing gurus, and concerned citizens. We are open to any and all passionate members of the community from all socio-economic backgrounds to join the cause.  We mobilize around projects and initiatives, gather knowledge and do research, call for an assessment of a building to identify economically viable solutions for reuse, produce designs and concepts for a reuse plan, and advocate for those plans through a variety of channels. 

Guiding Principles

  • Buildings, structures, monuments, and sites where significant historical events took place or where architectural style is emblematic of Buffalo’s culture and roots should be maintained for future generations. 
  • Existing buildings that maintain massing, density, set backs, and frontages pursuant to the Buffalo Greencode will be staunchly advocated for.
  • Buffalo’s unique historic assets contribute to a vibrant destination and define a unique sense of place that visitors cannot find anywhere else. Our historic structures provide an experience that has proven to bring in regional tourism dollars and economic development multipliers.
  • It is always more environmentally sustainable to maintain a building from the onset and adapt buildings for new and updated uses rather than to demolish them, transport debris to sit in landfills, truck in new, lesser quality building materials, and build new. Historic preservation is also about reducing waste streams.
  • Older structures have unmatched material integrity and craftsmanship that cannot be replaced or replicated by today’s new construction standards
  • A public participation process should be created around the reuse of culturally significant/ historic buildings and thorough evaluation of a buildings current condition and financial reuse potential should be undergone before any demolition is proposed.
  • Historic and culturally significant buildings should be maintained by their owners throughout the buildings life. Owner neglect and bureaucratic stalling tactics do not diminish the buildings cultural significance and the cause for historic preservation, they only make it harder and more expensive to re-appropriate the building. These circumstances will not impede BYP involvement and long range efforts to hold owners responsible for building neglect and abandonment.
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